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Greenhythe Chapter 5449

Greenhythe Royal Arch Chapter regulary meets on the second Wednesday in April, May and September (Installation).

The Chapter holds Chapter of Improvement regulary to enable members to practice and enhance their knowledge of the various workings.

Current Principal of Greenhythe Royal Arch Chapter is ALAN JORDAN

What is Royal Arch?

Who is eligible to join the Royal Arch?

A Master Mason may join a Royal Arch Chapter four weeks after being Raised to the Third Degree. It is the natural and traditional next step in Freemasonry.

What is the Royal Arch?

Long ago, the Royal Arch degree would have been worked in a Craft Lodge. For many years following the re organisation of Freemasonry after the Union of the Grand Lodges in 1813, the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch was stated to be the completion of the Third Degree, but it is now more accurately described as the completion of the journey through pure, ancient Masonry.

This is undoubtedly a most rewarding and enlightening step for a Master Mason to take. It offers him an opportunity to fill the gaps left in Craft Masonry after the Third Degree and to continue his Masonic journey towards a spiritual conclusion.

In the degrees which you received in the Craft you were taught that Freemasonry is a system of morality, based on a belief in T.G.A.O.T.U. and promoting brotherly love, relief and truth as the rule for your earthly pilgrimage.

The Ceremony of Raising implies that there is more to learn, for it urges us to lift our eyes beyond our civil duties and routine existence. The Royal Arch develops this theme and teaches us that the true secrets of a Freemason are to be found within ourselves.

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