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About us

The beginnings of the Greenhythe Lodge could well be said

to have happened across a garden fence in the shadow of Stone

Castle. A local Headmaster, Leonard William Wells had come to

the new Central School at Knockhall, Greenhithe, in the late

1920's. He lived then in London Road. Greenhithe next door to

Albert Tompkins a Superintendent Engineer at Everard & Sons

Ltd. a local firm of ship owners. These two men became aware

that they were members of the Craft and soon their talk turned to

the possibility of forming a Lodge in the Village.

The Lodge was consecrated at 3.15 p.m. on Saturday, llth

February, 1934 when no fewer than 221 Brethren packed

themselves into the Village Hall. In later years we worried when

numbers approached 100 for our meetings. The Village was

decorated by the Everards with a bountiful supply of flags and

bunting from their shipyard. Not since 1921 when H.R.H. The

Prince of Wales had arrived in the district and visited H.M.S.

Worcester, had this tiny village seen such a crowd and a collection

of motor cars assembled in the 'Worcester' car park by kind

permission of Capt. G.C. Steele, V.C.

Over the years the Greenhythe Lodge 5449 has become one of the largest Lodges in the Province of West Kent.

We host all our meetings in our own building, which fronts onto London Road in Greenhithe.

We hold elections every year, which enables brethren to advance through the various offices, gaining valuable experience in the process.

Every Freemason embarks on his own journey of self-discovery 

when he enters the organisation. With three levels of

Freemasonry, the progression through to senior roles within our Lodge can be seen in much the same way as a person 

progressing in his career – each promotion bringing greater 

understanding and responsibility.

Current Master of Greenhythe Lodge is TONY FISH

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